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As CEO, it is necessary to ignite your team's passion. Guiding and nurturing the culture of the workplace is essential, alongside with making difficult yet important decisions.


 It is empirical to research every aspect of customer markets, as well as the prototype(s). This ensures the product will be created for the user's exact needs.

team work

Communication is key, in all relationships.  Supporting one another, and understanding each other's strengths and weaknesses, creates an effective & well balanced group.


The start-up world is a rollercoaster ride of wins and losses. It is important to have the strength and determination to continue past failures.


Over the years I have been fortunate to take part in many entrepreneurship based programs, which heightened my interest in the area. I currently have two companies of my own, and I am very passionate about bringing my products to those in need. It has been my dream to help the world, and to do so through my passions (entrepreneurship and engineering)  is an opportunity that I am very grateful for. 


Human Chargers is a clothing company which utilizes Piezo and Solar technologies to generate renewable electricity, for the 733 million people without access to electricity.

  • Product development currently in pre-seed stage; prototyping and market analysis are ongoing.

Piezoelectric Sensor Design

CamScanner 05-15-2022 12.03_1.jpg

Product Design Example


Solar Sensor Design

  • Collaborating within product management & marketing teams to meet user requirements and guide adaptations throughout execution cycles.

  • Create product roadmaps, and achievable yet challenging goals for the team.

  • Ensure communication between marketing and prototyping members.

  • Interviewing customers in multiple different markets.

  • Joined 2 accelerator programs; Propel Vision, & Propel Validation.

  • Placed first in Propel's Vision Pitch Competition.

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  • Myovine is a biomedical app for physiotherapists that quantifies and tracks patients’ progress remotely while also determining the most effective pathway for rehabilitation.

  • It uses electromyography (EMG) signals to quantify the intensity and coordination of exercises, which can be shared with their doctor/physiotherapist. Myovine’s program will also give motivational, personalized feedback (i.e., suggested exercises and training prescription) based on the progress. In the future, Myovine aims to use machine learning to determine the most effective pathway for rehabilitation.

  • It is a solution that could improve training monitoring, adherence, and efficacy and thus accelerate rehabilitation, it would benefit not only the patients, but also physiotherapists, doctors, families, and workplaces, among many others.

  • Based on the market research, it was determined that the serviceable obtainable market would be 188 920 individuals per year, which was derived from 10% of the number of individuals that attend physiotherapy for neuromuscular disorders in Canada annually.

  • The revenue streams will be a direct subscription based service for accessing the program, and a traction based shop for buying EMG sensor packages.

  • The market size in terms of revenue would be $56,676,000, if the serviceable obtainable market is reached.

  •  In the future, a research study will collect EMG data sets for the artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) purposes.

  • Applying the Continuous Innovation Framework to business development methodology

  • Using sprints to formulate and execute a series of validation plans that identify the problems worth solving 

  • Implementing tactics for effectively reaching customers and synthesizing experiment results

  • Transition from learning to earning by identifying true validation signals during your discussions with customers

  • Recognize sales as an engineered process and deliver outstanding story pitches to your customers and investors

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